VAT Certificate


Since the very beginning, owners and employees of “VMPLAST” DOO have made full attention to the quality of their products, services and production procedures. Satisfaction of customers is the primary interest of “VMPLAST” DOO.

We strive to be the best in what we do and that is the essence of our business policy. We provide product compliance with the needs of customers, market and law. We implement an efficient safety system of our products and production processes according to the principles of HACCP.

All of our employees take participation in a common goal and effort for constant upgrading of quality of our products and services. Knowledge and competence are the foundation of our success. All of our employees, and specially those involved in dealing with users of our products are permanently on their own evolving, enlarging their knowledge and perfecting techniques which they use in every day work.

Basic principles in quality policy of “VMPLAST” DOO are:

1. high quality products and services which must fulfill demands, needs and expectations of customers.

2. trust of customers which is based on high quality products, we build with fair relations respecting the agreed conditions of delivery.

3. upgrading quality is the task and responsibility of owners, management and all employees and presents a constant process.

4. achieving and maintaining quality of products in harmony with world recognized standards and norms through increase of effectiveness and efficiency.

5. constant innovation and modernization of equipment and technology which contribute to improving product quality is a constant goal

6. establishment of customer feedback systems, with the goal of research and analysis of demands and realization
7. we choose our suppliers based on their ability to meet the defined quality standards of delivery of raw materials. We develop partnerships with them with the goal of better and longer business cooperation.

8. nurturing of team spirit amongst employees and loyalty to the company in which every employee will understand their tasks, authorizations and responsibilities.

9. adopting the principal that improvements of production processes and products are always possible through quality policy

10. protection of the environment, health and safety of employees are a constant responsibility through efficient implementation of legal regulations in the area of ecology.

With the goal of increasing competitive ability and learning how to answer to all the demands and expectations of customers, company owners, employees and society, “VMPLAST” DOO has commenced designing and adapting quality and hygiene management systems, and so meet the demands of international standards:

- iso 9001:2008 quality management systems
- HACCP food making safety management system

And will provide the appropriate certificate of a renowned international accredited organization.