VAT Certificate

Mission and Vision

VMPLAST company’s goal is the creation of a strong and stable company that deals in production and distribution of plastics products in Serbia, countries in the region and the European union which has, with constant upgrading and innovating technology, equipment, business procedure, product quality and services, training and education of employees and management headed to creating higher values.

Our obligation is to follow modern world trends and achievements in this area, to respect and nourish the strictest criteria and product quality standards and protection of the environment. To achieve this, the company has dedicated its behavior to expectations and goals for all of those interested in business of “VMPLAST” company. In first place our customers, suppliers, banks we work with, State, our employees and the society in which we live and work, then our company owners and management and all that without interrupting with balance of nature that surrounds us.

Our vision is to become the leader in production and sales of plastic material products, to remain a desirable partner, known by it’s high quality products and services, fairly and carefully nourished relations and protection of interests of our customers, bankers, State, employees and company owners.