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About Us

Commercial company “VMPLAST” DOO was founded in 1986. as a craft shop which was producing and selling plastic products of low assortment. With constant innovating and perfecting of used technology, equipment and employee educating, the company has constantly used efforts to provide adequate answers to all of customers and supplier demands and needs, which are always on the top of the company’s list of priorities.

In the year of 2005, the craft shop changes it’s legal form and becomes a company of limited responsibility. “VMPLAST” DOO makes constant growth of sales, production, number of employees and widening of it’s assortment. Over the years, fair relations with our customers and suppliers is one of our company’s comparative advantages.

Basic activity of “VMPLAST” DOO is production of plastic products for the needs of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, car and other industries.

Besides the basic activity “VMPLAST” DOO deals in import and distribution of high quality wood and finished wood products from Ukrain.Used wood is Fir which is imported from the Carpathian mountains ,has high level of technological and biological pureness with low percentage of waist and no knots which makes it adequate for making music instruments, furniture, carpentry, vineyard equipment, roof construction, and many other wood products.

Our main goal in the next period is upgrading production process, meeting all of customers and supplier needs and demands, modernization of used technology, employee education and constant work on implementing ISO STANDARD 9001:2008 and HACCP.